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Players of the Week Awards: How to nominate players, how they’re chosen

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Most publications do a player of the week, either just one or a male or female one. We Journal Great Sports wants to try something a little different so we will have three!

Football Player of the Week

Everyone loves football right? So every week we will pick one football player who we felt had the best game of the week. Coaches are free to submit candidates by Monday morning at 9 a.m.

Preference will be given to players whose team won that week. We also withhold the right to pick a player who is having a great season or a senior who has had a great career. The award will start being given out this week.

Player of the Week

For non-football players, we have the player of the week. Any athlete from any sport other than football can be chosen for this award. Coaches can submit nominations for this award as well by Tuesday at 9 a.m. 

Teams’ record for the week will be taken into consideration. We also withhold the right to pick a player who is having a great season or a senior who has had a great career. Cheerleaders and band members are available to receive award if their coach submits their name along with a short summary of why they should win the award. The award will start being given out next week for the week of August 26-September 1.

Block of the Week

This one is special to WJG Sports. Football may be the ultimate team sports, and it seems like we recognize the guy who scores the touchdown while the ones who block to make it happen don’t get much more than a good job from the coach. WJG Sports wants to recognize the best offensive line play every week. 

This is the only award where players can submit themselves. Players can submit by tweeting a video of themselves making a huge block and mentioning us on Twitter or posting the video on their Instagram and mentioning our IG page. Coaches can also submit their players by tweeting or posting on IG or by emailing the video. All submissions must be made by 9 a.m. on Wednesday. Considerations will be made for wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks, tight ends and defensive players who throw key blocks. The award will be given out next week, week one and week two games are both eligible to win.

How to submit

Email us at with the player’s name, class, position and stars for the week along with team record for the week. Feel free to include a summary about why the player deserves the award for also being a great human off the field as well as on. GPA can be a deciding factor for all awards, off the field accomplishment/activities will as well.

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